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vallnord bike park

jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
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every year i drive down to alicante spain were i have a holiday home i usually do it in 30hours (1600 miles, of course i stick to the speed limit :wink: ) next year i was planning on going dover calais as usual then straight down to vallnord, has anyone ever been here as i am planning on stopping there for a day just to have a go on the trails..
and do you recommend anything to take do you think mt body armour would be usefull..
cheers for replies


  • Hi,

    I live near Torrevieja and do lot of riding with a few other english speaking riders, usually down round Murcia, Sierra Espuna and Elche as well as locally. If you want info on Vallnord I would ask on this forum:

    This is the foriegn bikers section and the Spanish guys are usually very helpful, and should answer any questions you have. Good Luck.
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    my home is near los montesinos and san miguel (entre naranjos its called) i have been to sierra de espuna once but am going to hire a guide in april i think, do you know of any other places around which is singletrack/downhill?
  • Well if you are coming in April you are more than welcome to hook up with us, there are no real guides in this area (although we may start this ourselves). We will be riding all winter with the locals in various places so should have learned the best tracks as there is just so many in Sierra Espuna as well as El Valle and Cresta del Gallo. If you stay in Los Motesinos then you are about 10 mins away from us lot as we all live in the Playa Flamenca area. there are also some tracks locally around San Miguel but not really singletrack in an area called Sierra de Escalona, but it´s a nice ride still. Post up on the foriegn section on the link above and you´ll get more info.
  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    cheers for that which bike am i better bringing out with me? i have a norco a-line and a giant reign am i better bringing the giant as it has more gears and is better for long journeys? also i was on freeride costa blanca, which i seen on the link you give me, i tryed to e-mail them but the link isnt working on there website do you have their e-mail address as i am very interested in that type of riding as it is what i do here, i think i might be coming out in feb aswell, i will pm you my e-mail adress now to hopefully let you know near the time if thats ok..
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