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Pannier driving me nuts

TotalnewbieTotalnewbie Posts: 932
edited October 2007 in Commuting chat
I've had it with my current pannier, it has the most goadawful way of fixing it to the rack that involves a buckle and a piece of fraying strap. I nearly froze my fingers off at 11pm last night (coming back from a mate's) fiddling with it. Then to add to the fun my lights had worked their way to the bottom and I couldn't find them for ages.

I therefore need panniers with

A) An easy on-off system (that is still secure enough bouncing along on censored roads)

B) at least one pocket for me to put stuff like lights and keys so I can always find them easily without faff

It should also be strong as I put heavy stuff like food shopping in it when it's not carrying commuting stuff.

Definitely don't want to spend more than about £60/pair if at all possible. Was thinking maybe Altura Arran, anyone got any opinions, I'd be very grateful.


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