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Return to Cycling After a Vasectomy

Monster101Monster101 Posts: 33
Hi Folks,

I got my minerals tampered with last week :shock: after having 3 kids and the swelling seems to be starting to settle down but still a bit sore if I stretch etc,

Has anyone had the "snip" and how long did the stay out of the saddle for before a return to cycling?

Any advice would be appreciated.




  • An old workmate of mine had the snip, he decided he was going to play squash and ride his bike immediately after the op.

    Unfortunately, his gonads swelled up to the size of melons and some discomfort ensued.

    If you are out to impress, get on that bike. If not, just take it easy for a while.
  • Thanks Grandpa,

    I thought as much!


  • my wife is after me to get it done,but even though weve got 4 kids and dont want any more,I just cant bring myself to get it done :?
  • I think I waited at least 3 weeks.
    It's one of those ops that affects everybody differently.
    My doctor gave me two weeks off work because I do a physical job so two weeks would be a minimum I would say.

    The pre op doctor summed it up pretty well.....

    "If you work behind a desk take two days off, if you are a miner take three weeks off and if you are mounted policeman take six weeks off"
    ................"It`s a madhouse"................
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