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Content suggestions

CrapaudCrapaud Posts: 2,666
I've been enjoying the main BR site content - much better than the old C+ site. However, there are a few thing I'd like to see from the mag and I think some of the newbies to the forum might be interested in reading.

Over the years there have been some great articles in the mag that inspired me to do more with my cycling than just the commuting that got me back on the bike. There were some articles on foreign sportifs, the Raid Pyrenean (the real Audax one, not the commercial, organised 7 day ones), one about a bonkers ride, in Alaska (IIRC), on 2.5m of snow at stupidly low temperatures, and touring across the Andes. I'd love a chance to re-read them, but as I don't have the room to store a decades worth of magazines I've had to be ruthless and throw them out. So, how about an archive of old articles? I expect that they're already in digital format, so wouldn't take much to reproduce on the web or convert to PDF format for download.

The training forum's going a storm at the moment with loads of questions about losing weight so how about the series on the tubby bloke (sorry, can't remember his name)getting in shape for the Etape? And the cycling yoga series?

The workshop video, I find, is much easier to follow than the mag articles. I assume that this is going to be a series anyway, so could I put in a request for one on replacing a broken spoke and trueing the wheel, even if it's only basic stuff for in an emergency when stuck in the middle of nowhere with a wheel like a pretzel.

I realise that the above is backward looking, and a little self-indulgent on my part, and BR probably want to move forward with new content (as it should be), but they're only suggestions and examples of what I've enjoyed, found inspirational, aspirational and informative.

I'm sure others will have suggestions, for things that they would like to see, as well.
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  • How about a supplier sponsored Photo caption contest?
    This could be run every week or month or so? I think it would help to keep people coming back to the site, not only that it can be fun reading people's witty captions. The prizes might only be small such as a rear light or a pair of tyres or gloves, or even a multitool, but I definately think it would be a good thing and would add extra value and liven up the site even more.
  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    Thanks for your suggestions - we've got a bit of development work to do over the next few months, but we'll keep these types of articles in mind for the site.
    Jeff Jones

    Product manager, Sports
  • How about a section for Cyclo Cross?

    Almost every genre of cycling is represented in the forum, so why not Cyclo Cross?
    It's not just about racing, there has been a definite trend towards this kind of off-roader, on the trails that I ride, and it would be interesting to meet others who have gone over to the "Dark Side"
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