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new performance enhancing drug ?

tim000tim000 Posts: 718
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went for a 50 mile ride today 2 days after doing 46 so thought i might stuggle . after 10 miles i was stung by a wasp that flew in to my helmet. i riped my helmet off and the wasp fell to the floor with a big stinger sticking out of it,s censored . in pain i carried on with the ride . what followed was the best ride i have had in a long time . just when i should have been struggling after doing a longish ride on sunday (i;ve had a bit of a layoff so still building up the miles ) i was flying . could it be the wasp sting? will we see pro riders with wasps buzzing round their helmets next year? :shock:


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    You must suffer "reverse anaphylatic shock" because when one of the little bastards stung me on the eyebrow last weekend on the club run, all I could think was "Ow, little censored , that hurts".

    Then the next day my forehead looked like the Elephant Man's as my 12-year-old son gleefully pointed out.
  • Didn't Rasmusen get stung on the lip on the stage before he got chucked out of the TDF? Praps the whole 'not telling us where he was' story was a cover up to stop people chewing wasps to gain an advantage?!
    There's always one more idiot than you bargained for.
  • It could be related to the body's adrenalin response to pain???
    You receive pain but not to anything that can be used , for instance your legs or hands etc. your heart beats faster your blood vessels open up delivering more O2 to your muscles.
    Disabled athletes have been using this as a form of doping for years. E.g. An athlete is paralysed from the waist down and has no feeling in his/her legs. Place a drawing pin in your buttocks and bang your BP spikes with no pain with a performance improvement.
    It's almost impossible to detect as "boosting" sometimes happens with no obvious cause.
    Just because an athlete has a disability is does not mean they won't do everything in their power to win. same as anyone who is competing at a high level.
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