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My Cannondale has a compact chainset. I want to change back to a 53/39 setup.

Is it only the chainset and chain I'll need to change?


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    You may find that you need to change the bottom bracket if your new chainset is of a different type. You may also find that your front mech is designed to work with a compact chainset (altough it will still work but MAY shift slowly).

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    BB is Shimano external bearings so I know thatwon't need changing.

    I didn't know there were specific front mechs for compact chainsets.
  • Perhaps swapping the inner ring to a 36 and the cassette to a 11-23 might do the trick? It will give you an overall highest gear not too far from a 53/12 and revert to a 14 tooth gap between front rings.
  • Out of curiousity why do you want to change it? I've got a compact and have thought about the same thing, and when actually thought it through I am struggling to see what the real benefit would be, given the cost of doing it.
    I *could* do with a bigger gear for downhill sections of TT's than the 50x11, and I can now get away without needing a 34x27 for hills. It makes better financial sense perhaps to up the chainrings by 2 teeth each: effectively a 52/36 compact, and use different rear cassettes for different applications. I use an 11-23 for TTing and a 13-27 for sportives / training.
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    I may go the route of trying a cassette change but I was thinking of getting the Ultegra SL chainset therefore thought instead of getting another compact I'd go 53/39
  • I have a Stronglight Vulcan compact, 50-36, with an ISIS bottom bracket which I use for the mountains and a Dura Ace 10 speed 53-39 with Shimano cups which I use for racing.

    I have the change over down to about 15 minutes including moving the front mech up the seat tube 5mm and re-tightening the cable.

    Chain length is fine so long as I dont go big/big with the 53 and the front mech is smooth as owt on both the 50-36 and the 53-39.

  • I should add that I do have a selection of cassettes too.
    Usually swap between 12-27 and a 11-23 but I have an 11-21 for pan flat RR's.

  • As Steve asked "why change from compact to 39/59 ?"
    I race and use 39/52 12/23 but for long hard and very hilly sportives change rear cassette to 12/27 so you have the better choice already as you do not have to change rear cassettes.
    I am getting a new posing bike and am getting a compact on it so I don't have to change rear cassette for certain rides.
    If you did go through with change you should only have to get new chainset and lower front changer, should not even need new chain.
    Personally I think your wasting your money :D
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    Cool guys. Cassette change it is,
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    You can always just change the chainrings on the Compact. You can up them to 52/38 which is very nearly 53/39.
  • I'm just bought an Ultegra SL chainset for this same switch (also on a 'dale, bizarrely enough!).

    I just find the compact has too much overlap and find I spend most of my time in the big ring on most of the cassette - admit that a cassette change didn't cross my mind (doh!) but I was planning to change the cranks anyway!
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