Lost for words - where's it all going wrong?


  • I hate to be political, but if I'm going to be here is the place. It seems our society (I write here as a Brit living in the US, so include both nations) has turned into a me-first-and-to-hell-with-the-consequences place. The ascent of the greedy, and those with a devil-may-care attitude, as so much of what bound society together in the last century was dismantled seems to have made being beastly more acceptable.

    There have always been people prepared -perhaps without too much provocation- to do wrong, to hurt others, to take what is not theirs, to bully others. The modern world is increasingly selfish, and people are increasingly isolated. The result of this is more antisocial behaviour. Inequality - which so often these days includes much more than money - only serves to exascerbate these fractures in decency.

    Look elsewhere on these threads and it makes depressing reading. But without a very vast majority of people who mean well, live well and help others, we wouldn't have a society. And we do.