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Rochester Forest (Kent)

obriendsobriends Posts: 69
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Just been trying to find somewhere else to rind locally (Medway) and was looking at an OS Map of Rochester Forest. This looks to be made up of a number of woods between Cuxton/Halling and Luddesdown and seems to have lots of trails.

Has anyone ridden around there before and is what is it like. I plan on going over there next saturday for a look but any advice would be useful as I only have maps and no GPS / Tracking and tend to get lost easy.

(Why did I do that when I knew it was going to hurt)


  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    I remember reading somewhere about Luddesdown...(was 6 or 7 years ago though).. vaguely remember driving round there once to see what I could find. I used to live in Strood, so I know the woods round there and Cuxton are pretty large. :shock: There must be some fun trails round there somewhere. :?

    Have you Googled "Luddesdown mtb"?
  • I had already tried that before posting the message and didn't get any decent info for it hence the question. If I find anything half decent I'll post it.
    (Why did I do that when I knew it was going to hurt)
  • paulf2007paulf2007 Posts: 341
    if its where I'm thinking we ride it most weekends. We start in cobham and ride through the woods where the mausoleum is and down to the cuxton road. Then up to the north downs. Some good riding there. Sometimes we complain about the same old same old, but we are very lucky to have it on our doorstep.
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