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Road bikes - vicious dogs and the law - Our club needs advic

tmcgartlandtmcgartland Posts: 625
This morning while out on our road bikes we were attacked while travelling at approx 15-18mph by a fairly large rottweiler dog. he came into our path and as we swerved to avoid him one experienced female cyclist at the rear of the group hit the dog, came off the bike and fell very heavy on her head. The dog continued to bite at her until we made enough noise to cause the dog to back off.

The dog continued to attck us, although we gaurded ourselves with our bikes, while we called for an ambulance and the police. The cyclist was taken to hospital with a suspected broken collar bone and the police told us that is was a case for the local council to instruct them to have the dog put down, through the dog wardens office.

Can anyone advise us on any actions we can take against the owner as the dog was unchained or had broken free from its chain.

Please mail me asap [email protected]

Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club
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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    If any of the riders involved are British Cycling Silver or Gold members, or members of the CTC, I'd suggest you contact either of their legal departments.
  • knedlickyknedlicky Posts: 3,097
    By the Animals Law, the owner of any animal (so not just dogs) is responsible for any damage it causes. I suppose this is a bit vague but it might help your case. Any damage to the bike or clothing? A new helmet required because it suffered impact? Maybe even things like loss of earnings or expenses because of the injury?

    I don’t think the Dangerous Dogs Act applies to NI but anyway it’s not specific enough in its restrictions to help you much. I don’t know what equivalent law exists in NI but Eire’s equivalent of the Dangerous Dogs Act goes further than the UK law in that it names more breeds of dog considered dangerous and to be both muzzled and on a lead when in public areas. And it lists the Rottweiler as dangerous.
    Perhaps check if the NI law is similar to the Eire law.

    You might also see if you can find out if the dog owner actually had a licence. They were scrapped in GB but not NI. If he didn’t he’d be in deeper water.
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