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Kangaroo Valley ride - :)

Joey88Joey88 Posts: 9
This is my favourite 'little' ride... You head out along the Illawarra Highway in the Southern Highlands of NSW, and hit afew short little pinches along the way, but nothing too strenuous. You then pass through Fitzroy Falls, where a particular Aussie pro cyclist chooses to live. You can stop and admire the falls if you want.. (that's if you can hold back the excitement of what is to come)

You then ride out of Fitzroy Falls, and toward the top of Cambewarra Mountain, or Kangaroo Valley Pass (different names for different people) The descent down the Pass is 7km long, with sharp railing turns and a relatively smooth run with afew hairpins to add into the mix. You shoot out the bottom, and cruise through Kangaroo Valley township, and out the other side, surrounded by hills.

After afew km's of climbing up a b**ch of a hill (dead tarmac, holes, and changes in gradient) you pop out at a 3 way intersection, where you can then go to the Cambewarra Lookout. 8km later, you end up at another 3 way intersection, and you head right, down some steep road, (no name?) it has perfectly smooth tarmac, and sections of turns, one after the other, where you end up throwing your weight around to make the turns! Awesome!!! Then you end up back into Kangaroo Valley township for a coffee at one of afew small cafes.

After that you ride out of the town, and back over the historic bridge, and you head back the way you came, but now you ride 7km UP the Pass. It has a steep start, but it eases up midway, and stays constant thereon up.

Back through Fitzroy Falls and back toward Bowral, for a good lunch at home, or a coffee in town for the fat lards that can't cop it on hills.

All up, it is about 138km or so... With 3 solid climbs, 2 big descents, millions of trees, some dead wombats and relatively quiet roads. Great ride all up.
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