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my refurb'ed Soma Rush

jalapenojalapeno Posts: 1,009
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Just thought I'd share this having just put it back together... it's my refurbished Soma Rush... after 3 years of hard winter & commuting use it was seriously scruffy & in need of a refresh.
Argos Cycles did a great job of the fresh paint and extra braze-ones. Decals were a freebie from Soma in the US, it's got proper mudguard mounting points now and an extra set of bottle bosses. Treated it to a new crankset as the old Super Record was knackered. It's got nice wheels now too - the Goldtec/Open Pro hoops that I had on my Condor before it became my dedicated TT bike. It's evolved from the basic track frame with poorly matched carbon fork through track frame + custom fork (from Alex at Solitude Cycles) to what is now my perfect winter bike. I've been putting off fitting the mudguards 'cos it's a job I hate... (apols, forum seems to be cropping the landscape images... ho hum)

The 'before' pics are here - though I'd just cleaned it so it didn't look too bad:

Painted Roads.. colourful cycling adventures


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