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Plaster for six weeks min

tagmnbagmtagmnbagm Posts: 111
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I've gone and broken my left arm, and will be in plaster for six weeks min. I need some ideas on how to maintain fitness during this period.
I have always had a tendancy to pile on the lbs when relativly inactive. I really do not want to let this happen, as before the break I had attained a good level of fitness, and hence a weight I was happy with (12 st 9lbs at 5' 10.5")
I have been walking a lot since the break,(no choice, been told by GP I shouldn't drive) And have been watching what I eat, not always easy when boredom kicks in!
But little else. Of course the bike is out of the question.
Any suggestions are welcome, as I don't want to feel I'm starting from scratch once the plaster is off.

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  • That sucks.....!

    Any chance you can borrow an exercise bike? Not brilliant but it may just keep your fitness up enough so it's not too bad when you next get on the proper bike for real.

    Or a turbo trainer....

    May not keep the boredom away.....
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,510
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