Btwin Sport 1

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Just a bit of feedback, I recently bought the above bike from Decathlon for £115. My use was to use for a very short commute ride of 2 miles each way and to have a simple bike to use on the turbo trainer when I need it. For the money its a superb buy, it may have old school downtube shifters and a steel frame but it is fairly light and does the job. The gears ratios are a little bit odd though with mountain bike triple chainrings but I just leave it in one gear and practice spinning. You get what you pay for but I needed an excuse to replace a tired mountain bike and picked the cheapest option which has turned out ok.


  • fossyant
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    Nothing wrong with down tube shifters - both my road bikes still have them - Dura Ace on the best bike and nothing breaks ?

    With the gears, it will be tailored for beginners - hence the wide ratio