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silly question about music.

ThatGuyOnABikeThatGuyOnABike Posts: 198
edited September 2007 in Tour & expedition
does anyone listen to music while riding?
i have tried earphones but find it disoriantating and dangerous not to hear ambiant sounds like cars coming beside you and stuff.
i never get bored of cycling but then again it might liven things up to have some music espaeicially some good road music like highway to hell or whatever.
pity bicycles don't have stereo systems like some touring moterbikes have (honda goldwing for example).
i was thinking if i could find small portable speakers, i could fit them in the side net pockets of my handle bar bag and if i do a proper eyelet in back to feed cables in to my mp3 player, that would be so cool but i would look a prat.
In the valley of high oil prices the cyclist is king!
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