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How to get the rear up

Downhill dominatorDownhill dominator Posts: 33
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Hi now before you go put down somthing stupid i can get the front end up but u need to bunny hope because up here in stirling theres an alright dh course but the problem is at some points the is huge drops and logs in the road now of course i don,t do the drops(yet) but i need to get over the logs(branches) without getting off and carrying .

Any help


  • Right, how far can you get the front end up i.e. will it clear the log if you lift? If not, work on this.
    To get the rear up, with the proper motion that is, you'll need to first ride along normally about walking pace and throw your weight forward being careful to do it with an arched back, this will make a smoother curve ( as well as being easier) and if you screw up you can lean back a lot easier.
    Anyway, whilst doing this have your feet pointed as much to the ground as you can and curl your toes up in to the bottom of the your trying to bend the shoes around the pedals. Push backwards and up in as smooth an arc as you can. Make sure you throw your weight forward simultaneously with this and NO BRAKES! Thus, the back wheel should be in the air...with practice doesn't really matter how high as the technique is the important thing and you can work on it.
    Then lift the front wheel and do the rear wheel trick all in one elegant movement and you'll be jumping for joy!

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  • I just done my first bunny hop today, on my Mongoose Tyax elite.

    The trick is after many times of trying is to push the handle bars forwards while pushing backwards on the pedals (with your toes pointing down).

    You need a real good leap to get it to lift high though. I can get to around 4cm :). After about 9 successful ones today during lunch.
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  • Cheers would go do it now but there typical scottish weather and i don,t want to get soaked for a bunny hop
  • yeah it all lies in curling your toes round the pedals and pushing them back and up. back because you want to keep grip on the pedals obviously.
    theres the "american bunnyhop" as i call it, lifting the front wheel up a fair way before lifting the back wheel but they all come down to the same action with the feet.
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    Its easier said than done but the trick is to lift the front of the bike as normal then kick ur legs back like a rabbit with ur feet pointing downwards as much as u can without obviously comin away from the pedals.

    It takes abit of practice but once it clicks it becomes second nature. U can always get a set of spuds and cheat but then its not really a bunny hop is it.
  • Hi,

    I don't know if you've ever skateboarded but if you have then just think of an ollie, same thing really
  • em spuds what are they i think i will cheat first :wink:
  • NO DON'T stay on flats really really don't try with spds
    spds you click into the pedal so shoe and pedal become one, you can then just jump up and its easy. its totally the wrong way to do it.
  • Isn't the term clipless? :S So many terms going around :/.
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite 2010
    Mongoose Tyax Elite 2007
    Carrera Limited Edition TDF

    Full suspension - King of the forest!

    If anyone rides in Sulham Wood give me a shout :).
  • The way i first did it was by curling my hands around the handlebars and then pushing forward and once you've done it once the technique becomes apparent and you dont need to push on the handlebars so much.
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