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Does anyone have any experience with the recumbentbikeshop?

I am looking to buy some of their 451 wheels but they only list fronts?

I have emailed them but not heard anything yet.

They look like an interesting resource.


  • Sorry, no experience with that shop but I've made recumbents with that size wheels and 406's.

    Just one thing to watch out for ~ TYRES, well the lack of 451 tyres in the UK. My main bike is an Air Friday (made by Bike Friday, In Eugene, Oregon, USA). It came with IRC roadlite 28 X 451 tyres. They wore bald in 10 months with just 1,000 miles on them and I had a puncture almost every month! I switched to the only other tyre available here, the Schwalbe Stelvio in the same size. They were a little better and did just over 1,000 miles with 2 or 3 punctures during their life. Both these tyres roll fast with 100psi and are virtually silent on tarmac.

    I've found a cheap alternative in the form of the Schwalbe HS110 but they only come in 37 X 451. They have a nice light tread on them (not knobbly) and the rubber is much thicker than the other two tyres. They have a solid band of rubber all round the centre of the tyre where it's mainly in contact with the ground. The recommended pressure is 50-60psi. I have them at 65psi on the front and 70 on the back. The bike flies and it seems no different than it did with the slicks. My average speed has not changed. I've now done 600 miles on them since 2nd June and apart from the mould rib and the spikes have now worn off, they still look like new. I think these will do 3,000 or more miles . . . and shusssssss, so far no punctures!

    PS: I've just looked at that recumbent site. Nice bikes. BUT do they actually sell anything apart from front wheels and pannier racks???
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    Steve, it is a virtual shop they don't sell anything they couldn't get support or something I think it was to do with the imports of components. Real shame.

    Someone suggested the 455 size as used on Bike Friday machines I might go that route as tyre choice and support for 451 in the UK is poor.

    You have a unique bike I have never seen one like that before now.
    Also the weather station is totally unique.

    Do you know anything about 455?

    Many thanks for your help.

  • I've never seen that size. Does someone in the UK keep them? Only 4mm difference but it would worry me that they'd come off the rims when cornering, fully loaded at speed! What width and style are you after???
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    Steve I am going to go for 406 as the 455 don't exist and an expert had made an error. Thought I was going mad looking for them.

    Alex DA16 are nice IMHO (used on the Grasshopper) - details here under speciality rims.
    Schwalbe 1.5" Marathon Racers or 1.3" Kojaks would be a reasonable speed / durability compromise for me: YMMV thoubut Wink

    Still having problems locating 406 narrow rims.
  • Pity, if I'd read this earlier or gone out a little later, I could have checked where I got my Bontragger 406 X 15 wheels from. Just been up to Colchester where Cycle Revolution hang out. These are very good wheels and I fitted them on my Challenge Hurricane Recumbent. They were about £130 the pair.

    Bottom of page:

    I had them shod with Schwalbe Stevio's 28 X 406. Any Marathon's are good!
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    Steve just rang Ben at Kinetics and they have a pair of Alex DA16 ISO 406 rims for £20 each and £5 postage. I am going to buy the rims and get them built onto some fixed hubs. Although now thinking would hi flange be better than low flange? Perhaps for broken rear spokes?
  • Hi Gary,

    Sounds good. Build them yourself! It is easier than you think. I got 2 new surplus pairs of saracen 20" front wheels a while ago off eBay . I also got two spare front hubs with them and then converted them all as front wheels. It took about 10 mins to build from a heap of spokes after stripping one! Perhaps another 10 mins truing-up so there absolutely no wobble at all. You just have to be methodical. They are for a trailer with some spares. I sold one pair to someone making a trailer but have yet to make mine. Next on the list, will start possibly next week.

    I guess that the larger flange would be better but I've never had a problem with std size flanges.

    What are you building???
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    I am building a double fixed folder based on a Raleigh Stowaway. I have the book The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt as I am interested in building wheels but I am not that confident yet. At least there is no dishing on a fixed it will be the same as building 2 front wheels I guess? Spoke calcs are a mystery to me.

    take a look at the red bike at the end.

    I am not having gears or a rear brake or a heavy fork I would swap the fork out for something like a Moulton APB if one was available but I am going with the stock fork for now. I think my bike will weigh between 40 and 50 lbs in its original state. I would like to get it down to about 22lbs or lower. Getting rid of the heavy steel components and keeping it lean to take on train journeys London to Loughborough that sort of thing.
  • Arrrh I see. I have one of them. When I first got it, I took it for a spin round my normal 13 mile local loop. It was great apart from the brakes. They are awful! They are useless compared to "V" brakes and the modern calipers on road bikes. However, It's now ooking very sad for it's self. It's complete and almost free of rust but the tyres are perished. When I get some new more Schwalbe HS110 but the new ones with "Puncture Protection" I'll put the ones that are currently on my AF Friday folder, on it.

    Of coarse using 406 wheels on the Stowaway, the brakes don't reach and you also have to open up the fork width somewhat for the wheels to go in. I'll do it one day. It was my intention to re-build mine with a new front suspension fork for 406 wheels with "V"-Brake weld-on's. And weld in a bit of MS plate on the rear to take a new BMX type caliper.

    All good fun. Maybe a winter project another few years down the line.
  • GaryGknGaryGkn Posts: 1,199
    Sheldon says they have a good ride quality when hopped up! He claims similar to a Friday. If I go fixed I don't need a rear caliper but SJSC do very long drop dual caliper set for £20. I paid £21.50 for the bike.

    I'll let you know how it goes. With Sheldons' notes it shouldn't take too long.

    There is a thing for Twenty's they have an underground following.

    With a Brompton now at £569 or something hopping up a Twenty seems like a good idea.

    Thanks Gary
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