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Gel seats

wumingwuming Posts: 5
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Hello all. What is the consensus on gel seats when on long distance routes.? While my standard seat is OK for day to day use; after a weeks cycling in Scotland, I could do with something a bit softer to sit on. Padded lycra cycle shorts are not an option! Cheers.


  • wuming wrote:
    Padded lycra cycle shorts are not an option!

    Why not? I usually wear them UNDER various long trousers. I'm sure they help with the comfort.

    As for gel saddles, I've used them very happily for tours of up to a week, but not longer than that. I've the impression that they get less comfy after a few years' use, though - or maybe it's just that my bones are getting older.
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    I'd suggest getting a decent pair of liner shorts (eg Sugoi Recaro) under normal shorts.

    Maybe also invest in a good saddle. Eg Brooks, Fizik Arione.
  • i also need a new seat for touring, mines a racey mtb one by tioga that makes my censored well sore. but what shape is the best becuase there are wider touring seats as well but they look weird.
    sorry for kinda hijacking this topic wuming.
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  • JHcpJHcp Posts: 144
    Go for a Brooks saddle! I've tried all sorts of saddles and found that they are the best. Gel saddles while they feel great initially, after a few miles they become uncomfortable. Brooks leather saddles are like leather boots, they do take bit of breaking in, but once they have molded to the shape of your sit bones they are much more comfy on long tours. I have also found they are less sweaty than plastic saddles.
  • jibijibi Posts: 2,463
    I used a gel seat when on tour for along time and couldn't wait to change it when I came back.
    I now have a Brooks Professional, again, and after a quick trip around Northern Ireland it fits perfectly. Just had a weekend away to the Lakes to make sure gear is Ok for OZ and it fitted the butt.

    for ThatGuyOnABike take a look at the professional, much thinner than the B17.

  • cheers, but way too expensive for me, i just bought one, not the pro though, it's the standerd one.
    In the valley of high oil prices the cyclist is king!
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    but what shape is the best.

    Depends on the shape of your censored (seriously - it depends on the distance between your 'sit bones').

    Personally I like the fizik Arione becasue the longer seat gives you alternative positions.
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