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I recently bought a Dawes Galaxy, which I use both for my daily commute to work, and for longer rides round the local road and Sustrans routes (where its sturdiness is a distinct advantage). Since its arrival, I have also done my first 100km Sportive event, down in Suffolk and am seriously bitten by the bug. Now the problem. While the Galaxy is designed for comfort and durability, it lacks a bit of excitement, and while I would love to go out and buy a "pure bred" road bike, this is not going to happen, at least for a while. Therefore, what can I do to give my Galaxy a bit of pep? My best thought was a new pair of road wheels, such as the Mavic Aksium, or Fulcrum R7 with a pair of Scwalbe Ultremo tyres. Presumably though I would also need a new freewheel(?) for the new rear wheel too, so that the wheels were easily interchangeable? What do you think? :?:


  • hi there... what wheels and what tyres are on it?
    you might be able to get a bit more kick just by swapping the tyres for something skinnier and super slick... be a bit of a cheaper upgrade and allow you to save for the road bike.

  • Hi, thanks for your response.

    Standard wheels on the Galaxy are WTB Dual Duty wheelset with Scwalbe Marathon 32mm tyres and Shimano Paralax quick release hubs.

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    Doesn't the Galaxy use 135 OLN spacing at the rear? My SG does. If your Galaxy is the same then you would have to use a MTB hub at the back.
  • ok... you could definitely put on skinner tyres... even something like a 25mm conti 4 season or gator skin... the wheels themselves look fine and for an upgrade like f7's or aksiums you're probably only saving a few hundred grams... which may not be worth it.

    also take off the rack and mudguards to save weight there too! :-)

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    I reckon the perceived lack of zip is more likely due to the geometry of the bike. The steering is quite "slow", which is a very good thing for long rides, but makes you feel slow even if you are trouncing roadies :) Marathons are great tyres, but are heavy. You could swap on some narrower ones, eg Marathon race 25 or 28. 23 tyres might feel weird on those wide rims. Don't take off the rack and mudguards, because it will discourage you from riding the bike!