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Getting a new computer for new bike, thinking of getting a cateye, around the £20-25 mark. Trouble is, need advice on what one to get, so many to choose from. Anyone have any preference. I'm looking at a wired computer, Astrale in particular but would consider others

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    I use an Enduro 8 on my MTB/Commute, and a MITY 8 on the road bike, both work faultlessley, do exactly what they say on the tin. Can't go wrong with Cateye IMO....
  • I have a cateye, must be something wrong with it , keeps telling me i'm going a lot slower than i think i am !

    Last one was the same
  • I have a cateye Strada, Very neat, easy to use (and read) - top vote in C+.

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    have a look at the blackburn delphis, they are cheap for what they do. Wired cadence, but wireless at the front
  • The Astrale is discontinued but you should be able to find it in most shops or web sites. I've just bought one for £20 via eBay.

    It's a very good wired computer and the cadence function is the main feature. If you don't need cadence, I'd look at the Enduro.

    You could also look at the Strada models which are fairly recent. There's wired, wireless and wired cadence models, but they're around £30 or so.

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    Both the Astrale and the Strada will do the trick, although the stem-mounting ability of the Strada to give you a slightly more "pro" look is worth considering :wink:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • [quote="McBain_v1" the stem-mounting ability of the Strada to give you a slightly more "pro" look is worth considering :wink:[/quote]

    apart from the enormous carbuncle that they've used to tightnen the mount. it's knocked at least 20mph off my average speed.

  • I have just purchased a Strada Wireless and can't fault it. Easy to use despite the instructions. I'm glad I paid a little extra to get rid of the wires. Much easier to set up and looks a lot neater. If you want a bigger screen and a backlight then go for the Micro.
  • I got the Strada a few days ago.
    Can't seem to work it out?
    It seems to be completely automatic, ie it only stops for eg stopwatch, when the wheel stops.
    Can you override the auto function?
    Can you stop the stopwatch when you 'Cross the line"? I assume so but I cant seem to be able to do it.
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    Kilroy, I don't know about the Strada but the Cateye Micro Wireless has an "AT" (Automatic) function controlled by the wheel sensor but I believe you can turn it off and it behaves like you want
  • Yes, I have the Astrale on my road bike and it can be auto or manual. Not a problem there.
    Cheers anyway.
  • The battery in my microwireless lasts no more than 2 months :evil: . I hope the strada is more efficient.
  • Mine is wired. I think the wireless computers chew batteries.
  • I bought a VDO C1DS wireless computer from Leisure lakes recently, £29 plus the postage - it's excellent - big screen easy to read, easy to set up, but the main reason I went for this is that you can add a wireless cadence sensor at a later date, cost is another £20, but you just fit the sensor and the computer automatically picks up the presence of the sensor and displays the data - giving me the choice to measure cadence in the future if I think I need it.
  • No, the Strada does not have a stopwatch facility and so is useless for time trials if you want to stop the watch as you scream over the finish line.
    I'm returning mine