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new to forum hello!!

staffy3453staffy3453 Posts: 2
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hi every 1 just thought id come on and say hello i was reading up on whats around as ive been out of biking for a few years about £600 to spend and going to use the bike not too hard on x country every now an then and need large or xl frame only prob is i dont know whether to buy new or secondhand any1 got a good 1 they wanna sell? as few ive looked at have been s=!.t! cheers....


  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    With £600 you will be able to get a really decent bike in the 2007 end of season sales.

    I'd be buying a Merlin Malt-1 myself. I've just had a quick look and for £600 (including postage) you get the excellent Malt1 frame, Rockshox Reba SL forks, Full LX groupset with LX hubs on Mavic XC717 rims, Raceface finishing kit and Panaracer tyres. I don't remember seeing that much of a bargain in a long, long time!
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  • Ow do!

    Look in the "what bike" thread, loads of useful info and best buys in there. ... t=12540401

    Whatever you end up getting, enjoy yourself.
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  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    staffy3453 wrote:
    need large or xl frame

    How tall does that make you just out of interest? Being 6'6" myself I find a lot of manufacturers skimp a bit at the tall end :) Try whatever you buy, even if you cheekily try it in the shop and buy it off the internet. £600 would buy an great hardtail though.
  • 6'4" here......

    I can manage perfectly well on a 20" frame.....ok my seat post is well out, but it works for me!

    I know Giant go up to a 23" frame, but it is all about top tube clearance.

    It's no good buying a frame that your feet will barely touch the ground on if your smacking Mr. Winkie and his two hangers on at any given opportunity. :shock:

    You must try before you buy anything, we are all different in leg length etc etc.

    Buying a bike that's too big is far worse than buying one that may be too small.
    Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~H.G. Wells ... 3Small.jpg
  • Staffy I presume by your name your from Staffordshire area. If so go to Swinnerton Cycles on Cannock Chase (Birches Valley Forest Centre), they usually have good bikes for sale (sometimes have great bargains on ex demo bikes), but will also give you great advice, and will let you demo ride and advise you on best options, hope this helps, cheers
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