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The Peaks or The Lake District?

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I am here in England only for half a year and I dont have much holidays. At the end of October, my brother will come and visit me and we want to go biking for several days. Where would you advise me to go? The lake district or to the peaks?
And what do you think is better in late october, regarding the weather? Will it rain all day or is it just luck or bad luck?
About me, I like broad daytrips, much up- and especially downhill. I dont need towns to have a rest, its all in the backpack...

I am looking forward to many answers - hopefully...


Peaks or Lake District? 0 votes

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Lake District
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  • My choice would be the Lake District - fantastic all-weather trails and big downhill/all-mountain stuff. However it is called the Lake District because there is so much water and at the end of October you are talking possibly quite cold and wet weather or even snow on the hills.

    The Peak District is likely to get better weather but it doesn't have the all-mountain stuff you get in The Lakes, some very good riding though.

    So if you don't mind possibly extreme weather The Lakes but if you want a better chance of good weather then I guess The Peaks!
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