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broken article comment navigation

bazzarghbazzargh Posts: 45

ever since bikeradar went up, every link for navigating through comments has been broken. eg on the Fat Cyclist article today, Look down at the '1 2 3 4 Next' links at the bottom, above 'Post a Comment'.

2 links to
when it should link to

3 links to
when it should link to

and so on - clicking on these produced 'Article not found' (in firefox or IE, with or without javascript - its a serverside issue). Get rid of that '//'!

While I'm on about broken links, go to the contacts page and click on accessibilty and marvel at the blank page that you get back. Not very accessible is it ;-)


  • Thanks, bazzargh.

    Those are known bugs for which we're waiting for fixes.

    I should have known a Fat Cyclist article would get enough comments to trip this!
    John Stevenson
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