Focus Cayo or Planet X SL Pro Carbon ?

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I have just ordered a £1000 cycle to work voucher which has to be used via Halfords. Relatively recently returned to cycling mainly to get fit and have been using an ancient mountain bike with no suspension and wide tyres.

Have decided to do more and am going to get a road bike to do longer and faster trips.

I know I can use the voucher to buy a Planet X bike via Halfords and understand I can also use it to buy the Focus from Wiggle again via Halfords.

Now wondering which way to go as I like the idea of a proper fitting for the Planet X and have booked one. Also keen on being able to return to Doncaster if there are any problems as I would not look to Halfords for any repairs or future upggrades.

However the Focus looks nice and the reviews I have read are very complementary.

Any thoughs or comments on either bike would be very much appreciated.


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    A tough call both being very good bikes IMO, but for me for the reasons you have already stated, it would be the Planet X. :lol:
  • JKO,

    I'm in the same situation as you, almost. I will be able to apply for my voucher in about 4 weeks. I've been planning to get the Superlight Pro carbon and after looking at the Focus bike, I still want the Planet-X bike. Are you going to Doncaster for the fitting? I've been told by someone from Planet-X that I need an XL based on the distance between the saddle and the cranks.

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  • Your post sounds like you're more swayed to the Planet X. It's very much an einy meany miney mo... my finger might land on the Planet X.
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    Do Planet X charge for the fitting service ?
  • It was Planet X for me and I have never looked back. I can't comment on the Focus but Planet X have produced an excellent bike at a great price point with customer service second to none. Those boys are very busy but will take the time to make sure your bike is exactly what you want. :D
  • It seems all Planet X so by way of balance...

    I've had the Cayo Expert for a couple of months now and am very very pleased with it. Buying online isn't the best way of buying a bike but with Wiggle you can try it for a week and send it back if your unhappy. They come all set up, you just turn the handlebars and you're off.

    The bike's well equiped and had some very good reviews. The review in C+ was the very reason I bought the bike in the first place.

    I had a puncture at the weekend :x and took the bike to the LBS to get it fixed. They gave the bike the once over and other than tightening up a few nuts and bolts, as you would expect with any new bike after a couple of months use, they were happy with the way it was set up.

    I guess at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. Go and see the Planet X and try the Cayo as well for a week and see which you prefer.

    Whichever you choose enjoy :D
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    benvickery and Mog UK

    Thanks for your comments. I have booked a fitting at Doncaster and they seemed very professional on the telephone. I was asked to bring my own pedals and shoes if I have them, and a pair of cycle shorts as well.

    As far as I am aware, there is no charge to try the bikes and get correctly fitted with the right size.

    Looking forward to the trip but unfortunately not able to go until late October however, assuming I am happy with the bike, should be able to place an immediate order via Halfords and hope to have the bike a couple of weeks later.
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    JKO, be interested to hear how you get on at the fitting, keep us posted. I'm looking to replace my road bike in the new year and the Planet X is currently on my shortlist...