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Tap for RHS pedal crank

bolyboly Posts: 71
edited September 2007 in Road general
Does anybody have any idea where I might get a tap to recut the thread on a damaged crank, RHS - pedal end - road bike. I believe the thread is pretty standard but I cant identify pitch etc so I can't order one from a "normal" engineering suppliers. Unfortunately, I've drilled out the crank, inserted a aluminium busgh and pegged it only to find that I've only got the LHS tap! :roll:


  • bolyboly Posts: 71
    Just found some on Park tools 9/16 20 tpi - afraid I can't stretch to £35 a pair...... Ah well, the joys of restoration
  • Cyclus do them, for a few pounds. Try Geoffery Butler Cycles or Bike Plus
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  • bolyboly Posts: 71
    Thanks Pete, Some of those ads are abit deceptive, they're still the thick end of £30 - however, it seems that ( as usual) , Nick at Lloyds comes to the rescue with a double ended job for £15 ....
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