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Lake Como

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I'm heading to Lake Como in a couple of weeks time and wondered if anyone had any tips for good climbs and routes in the vicinity. I'm possibly going to take my bike with me but have seen that ComoBike shop in Como rent out very nice road bikes so may try them instead of risking the beloved at the hands of Heathrow's baggage handlers.

Obviously there's the climb up to the Madonna del Ghisallo to the bike shrine - any other good climbs in the area? Also any general touristy tips/good restaurants etc would be much appreciated.


  • CrapaudCrapaud Posts: 2,666
    I haven't any direct experiance, so can't help. However.....have you had a look in the Routes and Riding section? I did a quick search using the word 'Como'. There appear to be, at least, 4 routes. The route profiles should give you an idea of good climbs.

    You could also have a look on Bikely and Mapmyride etc.
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