A few TT questions

Richie G
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Hi guys

Have just had my entry to my first open 25 TT back and just wanted to know some of the items on the start sheet are about. There's two columns- Handicap and Standard that i'd like explaining. I take it handicap is worked out from previous times, but what is it measured against? Is standard that persons expected performance? Sorry for the silly questions- just wondered what it all meant!



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    Handicaps are worked out on the basis of your best time against that of the fastest rider in the field. So if the fastman has a personal best of 50 minutes and yours is one hour dead, your handicap will be ten minutes. For first time entrants without any previous form, I believe their handicap is based on being able to ride at "evens", eg 20mph average which is 1:15.00. I think the term standard is used in vet's events, where there will be a standard time for a forty year-old, another for fifty and so on, the winner on standard being the one who beats his personal age standard by the largest amount.

    Anyone who has organised a TT will be able to correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I see! I,ve been given a handicap of 18 mins, so thats based on the 10 TT that i've done. I'm intrigued to know what kind of time i should aim for. Have done 1 10 TT (27;28 ).
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    27 minutes is very respectable for a first 10. I would guess at around 1:10ish for a 25, though course profile and conditions have a big influence.
  • Cheers for that. Must admit a 25 feels a bit daunting! Bit like my first 10 the other week- will feel better when i know what time i can do. 1:10 would be great, just don't want to set off to fast or set my expectations unrealistically high, then blow have way round!
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    Richie G wrote:
    just don't want to set off to fast or set my expectations unrealistically high, then blow have way round!

    Consider using a heart rate monitor to stay in a zone that will leave you some left in the tank at the end. That said, the best testers (slang for time trialists) will reach the finish line completely knackered and have nothing left in the tank.

    Most common sensations I have after doing a 25 after a long break is:
    1. Owwwww, sitting on the nose of the saddle for nearly an hour has sent my knob to sleep - choice of a TT or triathlon specific saddle may help
    2. Owwwww, my neck is bloody sore from riding in an aero tuck for an hour - fiddling around to find a comfortable position can take a long time of trial and error
    3. My quads can feel very uncomfortable and the muscles hard after an hour flat out - no substitute for practice to stop the leggies hurting though

    Best of luck with it and remember to try and enjoy it, if not actually during the event, then the sensation of setting yourself a new goal to beat on your next attempt.
  • I shall be looking forwards to those sensations then!?! Cheers for the replies- will let you know how it goes.