Richmond Park regulars (and the London Dynamo crew)

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Hi All

Out in Richmond Park at the weekend doing a few laps as part of a loop out from home and back. Some seriously nice kit on display around the park - I guess the affluence of the area is reflected in the standard of some of the bikes seen around.

I'm waiting for October to kick in and the launch of work's tax-free bike scheme (rumoured to be through Evans at this stage) before taking the plunge and getting myself my first road bike (currently on the MTB with slicks). I noticed a few folk on Saturday in the London Dynamo kit and see on the group website about runs they do at the weekend round the park.

Quite fancy the idea of signing up to club runs for the motivation, direct comparison etc. Wondered if anyone here was a) a member of London Dynamo and could offer a bit of info on the runs the club do (I'm guessing I'd try beginner level to start) or b) if anyone here had any experiences with LD (good, bad), any thoughts etc?