Feedback on my first 10M TT time please....

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Did my first TT at the weekend, using Long Eaton Velo's club known/measured circuit and timed using bike computer stop watch.

Speedo read 10.03 miles at end.

Average 18.8MPH.

Time was 31:10

The course was undulating with a strong headwind on the longest rise (12mph) :oops: and the tailwind section was on a downhill where i was easily doing 33mph. :shock: Rest was 18-22mph. Didn't get the best start as I took 3/4 revs to clip in! doh! Newby excitment :?

How does the time stack up to the "minumum acceptable to prevent embarrasment on proper club TT"?

I'm 41, 13st. and did it on a Spesh Sirrus Hybrid with bar ends.

Comments please gents....



  • nolf
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    For a hybrid with bar ends nearly 19mph is very acceptable.

    Normally people say that getting 20mph average on a 10TT (30 mins) is a good time to train for but thats usually on a road bike with dropped handlebars so on a hybrid thats very good!
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  • sounds like you did a fairly good TT for first time out!
    well done! :D

    i think what you're looking for is a thing called 'evens' which is 10 miles in 30 min... and you're almost there! probably with less of a headwind you'd have got it.

    were you using clip on aerobars or anything? if not i'd suggest you get a pair... they took a few mins off my times.

    for first time out you did a great time. i'm impressed!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comments, seems that I'm pretty close to a reasonable time then and have a target to train towards.

    May be if:

    1) the wind hadn't been as strong
    2) I hadn't cycled 10 miles to get to the course as a "warm up"

    then I might have got to 30:xx something.

    I'm trying to persuade the wife to let me have a road bike at some point, something lighter (with drops of course) that could take some cheap TT bars but I need to put in the miles first. And knowing that my time is already good adds some weight to my argument.

    I'll probably join a club soon and then attempt some evening events when they start again next year having done some practice runs/training over winter.

    Thanks again for the support.

  • eh
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    If that was yesterday in that awful wind than that time is a solid start for the type of bike you are riding.

    Just one thing to be aware of though before you join a club, winter club runs are very different from a 10TT. They should be slower than your ride yesterday (depends on club!), but are much longer 40-70 miles typically. But if you aim for a club with beginners rides you should be fine.
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    I've also got a Sirrus and on long fast straights I find moving my hands inwards (resting them where the brake levers attach to the bar) and tucking my elbows in gives me a noticable 1-2mph speedup, which might improve your time. You can also lower the bars by flipping the stem and/or removing spacers which might also improve your position for speed. Having said that, there's no substitute for a proper road/tt bike if you're really serious about speed!
  • You could fit clip on tri bars onto your current bike, as they fit onto the top part of dropped handlebars anyway. Not a bad time right at the start of things given the position you were probably in.
  • McBain_v1
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    Damn good effort I'd say.
    Sometimes I struggle to average 20mph on my turbo trainer over 10 miles :oops:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
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    Just remember it's just you and a clock.
    go out again and you now have a time to beat, and a new personal best.

    Good Effort ( must try harder :D )

  • nferrar
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    Yeah there's no such thing as an embarrasing TT time (well maybe if you show up on a £5k TT bike + aero suit/helmet + shaved legs and do a 35min+ on a flat 10m course) :P
    It's hard to aim for times as courses and conditions change so much (which is why power measuring stuff is useful, just hideously expensive).