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folding bikes - theft from trains

ScottDougallScottDougall Posts: 912
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on Friday 2 shifty characters came on my train at East Croydon and stole the guards ticket thingy - they were on and off in a flash and I thought that if my bike had been by the door it could have been history in a flash...

has anyone had a bike stolen this way ?

not had to leave it in the door area yet - but I am wondering now that I should lock it if I ever do have to...
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  • snakehipssnakehips Posts: 2,272
    Not a bike , but a few years ago a couple of shady coves got on the crowded Picadilly line tube and stood at the end by my bag (I was just coming back from a holiday)
    I got up and stood next to the door. At the next stop they started to get off , one of them carrying my bag. As they went past me I took it from his hand. He muttered some censored about it being in his way!

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  • squiredsquired Posts: 1,153
    Interesting point. I've been considering a folding bike for my new commute and go via East Croydon. Only yesterday I was thinking about the need to lock the bike to something (even if it is just with a simple lock) on the train just in case. I could imagine someone running off with it during the morning mass exodus at Clapham Junction.
  • yes - it would not have to be a street type secure lock just something that gets in the way of a fast getaway - a bit of webbing and a fastclip would probably be enough - I either stand my folder up next to the toilets and only fold the handle bars or place it fully folded into the luggage rack next to the door area, this is on the Southern trains to and from Lewes...

    seeing how fast these guys made off with the ticket machine made me think a bit about a good strategy for this - without increasing the amount of faff needed on my part to get on and off the train
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    ScottDougall carefull there if you have insurance...
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  • AdamPAdamP Posts: 105
    chavs on a brompton? whatever next?

    pram and ciggie attachment for a moulton? :lol:
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