Cycle Maintenance

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Can anyone recommend a good cycling maintenance book, I've done a lot of basic 'stuff' over the years but would like to learn how to get a bit more technical.


  • Big Blue Book Park Tools is OK

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    Not a book but a course. I recently went on the one day intensive course with Edinburgh Bike Co-op. It was fantastic. Manged to put my new found knowledge to the test at the weekend to sort my winter bike out. Headset and hubs serviced, cassette removed and cleaned and all bolts greased. I would not have been able to do any of this without the course. Even managed to get the freehub back together when it came apart (this was un-planned!!). Cost was £45. More expensive than a book but you can work on your own bike, which effectively gets a full service, while you learn what to do. They also give you a short manual to take home with you.

    I have also found that you can download the instructions for various things from the Campag site and these have been very good.
  • Zinn and the art of road bike maintenance