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miya165miya165 Posts: 4
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hi everyone,

im new here . i've just started MTBiking again after a long looking for a biking buddy in the Notts area; so anyone interested?

none of my mates are into MTB so im kinda forced to ride on my own. can be nice to share some hobbies with someone.



  • Hi,

    Have you had any success in getting a biking buddy yet? Either way, I'd be interested in getting out on the bike. I am actually a bit of a novice with average fitness but am based in Nuneaton (near Coventry). So if this is any good, let me know.

  • hi bev,

    cool..well i do travel so there's no problem.

    I would love to try Cannock Chase. HAve ever been there? any good?

  • I started mountain biking about a month and a half ago, and I tend to go to Cannock Chase every weekend - it's bizarre, I grew up right next to it, but never really explored there until recently. I always park up at Birches Valley Forest Centre, even though the cafe is supposed to be open till 6.30pm, yet seems to run out of food at 3pm! :P

    The most popular mountain bike trail in Cannock Chase is Follow the Dog. Currently part of it is closed, due to some Lottery Funded footpath toss cutting across the start, but it's still a good ride, with quite a bit of variety.

    On the plus side, they're building another xc track, and bypassing 'The Fireroad Hill That Everyone Hates' with a hopefully more interesting uphill section. There's also a couple of black-graded downhill runs, but that's not my thing (I've only just figured out how to stay upright!)

    There's also a lot of bridleways and green-graded cycle routes running through the entire area. And super secret 'dodgy' trails, which I get the impression are local trails for local people! :lol::lol: )
  • sounds really nice...

    think i'll be there this week end..need to ride new trails
    thanx for the info anyway ;)
  • Hi Miya/Mrs Toast,

    Unfortunately, I'm going over to Coed-y-Brenin this weekend to watch the NPS championships (and get a ride in) so won't be able to make it this weekend.

    Let me know if you plan to go to Cannock the following weekend, and we'll meet up.

    Bev :wink:
  • Well, I'm down there most weekends (usually the Saturday) - just look for a hobbit-like woman on a Trek 4500 trailing a very, very, very, very tall man on a Specialized FSR XC! :lol:

    I should warn you that I'm not exactly speedy, fall off on berms, and there's a very long, loose gravelly fire road that I always walk up (along with 80% of the people who do FTD!) :lol:

    I am getting better though. Oh yes! :D
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    Hey! When I am in the UK - my dad lives in Newark, so I'll be in the area when I got o visit him. Would be wicked to go MTBing with peeps while I'm there!

    ... that's if you're still looking for riding buddies?
  • delddeld Posts: 1
    Hi everyone

    I am new to this site. Im looking for people to ride regular Saturdays. Currently I ride with a mtb club in notts and only problem is they only ride on Sundays and I cant make it every weekend. I live in Notts and willing to travel a around midlands or occasion further way for a good good ride. im not looking for expert riders just anyone who is keen mountain bike rider.Much as i like riding doing it alone is boaring. I can ride all most every Saturday so please get in touch. My e mail

    [email protected]

    deld :)
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