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Cane Creek SCR5 vs SCR5c

bigflangesmallsprocketbigflangesmallsprocket Posts: 2,443
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Just wondered whether anybody has had the opportunity to compare these directly?

I've just bought a pair of SCR5's for my singlespeed as these are purported to be identical in shape to the Campag ergo levers, which I quite like. They do have an almost identical profile, but the Cane Creeks are actually a fair bit bulkier to grip, and I was wondering how the Compact versions of these measure up?

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  • Sorry Dad, bought the Tektro version for about half the nicker. Very nice.
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  • I've had the SCR5 and both the tektro carbon copy models - the hoods are exactly the same size, the only thing compact about them is the reach whilst on the drops (about 5-10mm less space). This is the reason why I have two brand new tektro sets and some old shimano aero levers on the two gearless bikes! Too bulky for my little mitts.
  • I wasnt aware of the Tectro levers. I had checked a few online shops for levers and the Cane Creeks were the only ones I found that seemed to be similar. I cant check out my new levers properly yet as I'm trying to rest a strained left wrist (so far, just sitting on the bike and resting on the levers in my living room!), but I'm hoping I'll grow into them.

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