This isn't a wind up, it's a wind up

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Bought myself 2 of these 'wind-up' LED bike lights as back ups for my cateye and my sons' halogen kit ... 0149195696

For £6.99 each after, they are excellent ! I promise you that I have no links with the seller at all, except as a recent customer.

They have a single LED mode, a decent 3 LED mode and a flashing mode. I tried the 3 LED for a bit on their own on a ride in the dark tonight and they were 'OK' - not as good as my 5 LED but worth having as an extra set. Compact, slide on and off well and seem sturdy.

I gave it a few minutes winding and it was still working after 60 mins in 3 LED mode.

As a secondary front light where you don't want to worry about batteries, they are worth having I reckon.