Placing sensor on my Roubaix

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I've finally got round to transferring myEcho XR computer to my new Specialized Roubaix (great bike btw!!!). However I'm trying to figure out how to place the sensor and wheel magnet on the front wheel. There doesn't seem to be a wide enough gap between the fork and the wheel to fit it. Am I being super dumb here?

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  • richa
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    The sensor can often go on the front/rear of the fork - not the inside. Hope that works better.
  • I was hoping that was case. I tried it and hand-spun the front wheel but didn't get a reading. Maybe it requires Greater speed. Hopefully it works when I take it out tomorrow. Bit of a blonde moment for me I'm afraid!!

    Pedestals that are self made tend to crumble as the spotlight fades.
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    my polar sensor is on the rear of the fork and works fine, just angle it in a bit.
    i will second the roubaix, ace bike.
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    Best position for a fork sensor is on the front, then in the case it get accidentally knocked, it doesn't lock the wheel or mangle the spokes - it should get knocked out the way. Sensor needs to be about 1-2 mm from the magnet - you may need to move them around until you can find the best position.
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  • Itried it out on the Pedal for Scotland run yesterday. Probably didn't angle it in enough as I got no mph or distance readings.

    However as the cadence sensor was working fine I decided to tap out a pretty constant rythym to see if it helped my riding (I knew I was previously wildly erractic). I was really surprised at how effective cadence was in helping me stay in my "comfort zone" whether climbing or on the flat. (If anyone's interested I found 80 rpm to be about my average).

    SLOXAM - The Roubaix is indeed fantastic! I don't think I'll ever buy another bike!!
    Pedestals that are self made tend to crumble as the spotlight fades.
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    On my Roubaix Comp I have the sensor on the front of the fork, but angled in very slightly to enable the magnet to be sensed. I have stuck a small strip of helicopter tape around the fork leg to give a bit of protection from the zip-ties.
    I can only second the positive comments about the Roubaix - it is such a comfortable bike. Mine replaced a Felt F65 which is a great bike too, but for all-day riding there is no comparison.
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