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putting a 9 speed crankset onto a 7 speed bike frame

ProwlusProwlus Posts: 539
edited September 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
After upgrading my bike's truvativ isoflows with a shimano xt hollotech 2 crank , I'm considering what to do with my used but still reliable isoflows with its Shimano UN26 bb .
One idea would be to stick them onto a old apollo x-rated in its frst stage of making it a workable dirt jumper(once i upgrade my main bike's forks from Toras to pkes) since the isoflows and the un26 are way more lighther than the suntour duro and bc 73 config . The only problem is that the crankset is a 9 speed optimised whilst the bike itself has a 7 speed optimised suntour crank . Is this configuration workable?


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