Vintage Dura-Ace /Suntour bits needed

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I need a left hand (non drive side) 1973/74 170mm crank arm ...anybody got one? also need a Suntour Cyclone front mech same era 1st generation..anybody.
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  • proto
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    Might have a Cyclone front mech. I'll pay a visit to my shed tomorrow.

    Probablt too recent tobe of interest, but I've got a Suntour Sprint rear mech and some mint condition Suntour Superbe Pro down tube levers. Any good.

    Oh and some Suntour Superbe Pro pedals. Work fine but a bit scruffy (currently in use on my daughter's Bianchi)
  • Hi levers and front mech would be great as long as hinge area on mech is not cracked (they often are), I pretty much have everything else except the Dura -Ace left crank arm.
    I will be on hols from the 17th -27th so no rush, but if you find it all and it's in decent nick just leave a note onhere and I will get back when I get home cheers.
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification
  • back off holiday now, has anybody found anything?
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification
  • fizz
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    have you seen this on ebay

    Its whole groupset but he might split the bits out that you're after...