Help with shoes pls :-)

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Hey folks

Just bought my first pair of 'proper' cycling shoes and clipless pedals via a reputable bike shop on the interweb... All seems well, but I seem to have miscalculated the shoe size a bit.

I realise cycling shoes should be a bit on the larger side as your foot generally needs more room when hot/exercising etc, but how much more room?

I am normally a size 10 shoe which I guess is about size 45 euro. I got size 46 just in case, and it seems a little large. Shoes are comfy enough, but they seem a bit too long (1-2cm gap at the end)

Anyone able to help? I need to send these back soon if no good.


  • RufusA
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    I usually take just under a 10.5 in normal shoes, sometimes nudging up to 11 if I know the shoe doesn't cater for wide feet.

    My cycle SPDs are Shimano sized 45. My understanding of sizes being:

    44 = 9.5
    45 = 10.5 (just under)
    46 = 11

    45 are for me a perfect fit!

    I haven't read anywhere that you should go up a size in cycle shoes, to allow for foot expansion. If anything in times of yore people used to go down a size to ensure a snug fit (this isn't necessary now due to the change from leather to synthetics).

    Based on this I would say you definitely shouldn't have a 46 - if there is any slippage on the heel when cycling under force your foot will be a mess of blisters after a long ride!

    A 45 will probably fit, however with some things - like shoes and bicycles it pays to buy (and try) from an LBS. Then you know you'll be finding shoes that are comfortable and allow you to put the maximum power down rather than taking pot luck online.

    HTH - Rufus.
  • I'm a size 10 and wear a 46. I think it is utterly dependent on the manufacturer what size you should go for. Some of Specialized shoes have 2 different sizes performance / enthusiast. As Rufus says try a pair in your LBS or order a few sizes online and accept your going to have to pay for the postage on the pair you return.
  • I am a size 11 and I have 4 pairs of cycling shoes, MTB and road.
    My Sidi shoes are a size 48, which equates to a 121/2, my Northwave shoes are an 11,and my Shimano shoes are a 12.
    Point being you really need to try the shoes on as it seems most of the manufacturers vary in sizes quite a bit. You do not need to buy a size bigger or wahtever just because its a cycling shoe, that bit of advice probably came from someone who bought a pair of sidis and had to do with the sizing differances
  • While there's definitely no general rule that your cycling shoes should be a different size from your regular shoes, sizing does differ between brands and even between models and model-years in the same brand.

    You really need to try shoes on before you buy. Unless you're buying a second pair identical to one you already have, buying them on line has a big risk of being a false economy.
    John Stevenson