Singlespeed with freewheel

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I am building a singlespeed ( NOT a fixie ) and am using a an On-One double fixed hub with a freewheel threaded onto one side (they had run out of flip-flop hubs.)
My question is whether I can use spacers with this type of set up to get the correct chain-line . Most spacers I see look to be designed to go onto freehubs to convert geared bikes to fixed .Is there some kind of screw on spacer required ?
Also , is it imperative that I have something on the other end of the hub eg a fixed sprocket and lockring .



  • I have a singlespeed freewheel threaded onto myfixed hub, and theres already a lot of overhang of the singlespeed, even without spacing it out! the more spacers you use, the less grip you'll have. Personally I wouldnt use spacers, as youll then be putting a lot of stress onto not much, delicate, ALLY thread.

    The teeth on freewheels tend to sit out further from the hub than most fixed sprockets anyway, so before wasting effort and money Id check your chainline by lightly screwing your freewheel on first and having a looksee.

    A common way to alter chainline is simply put the chainring onto the inner side of the cranks (though I realise that sometimes thats not possible if clearances are already tight), the bonus being that its easier to keep chainmuck off yer trousers!

    If that doesnt help, rather than space out your freewheel, it'd probably be safer to simply pick up a cheap bb the next size up from what youve got on yours.

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