Clipless peds for mtb/recessed soles

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Struggling to make a decision, any opinions welcomed.

What I want: pedal for road bike that is compatible with non-road shoes (i.e. ones you can walk in).

a) double-sided SPD (I use at the mo, seem OK but just more complicated than b and c)
b) Shim A520 single sided SPD coz more platformy, presumably better on road? Or Wellgo RC715. I assume they DO work with mtb shoes. Tad concerned that hill starts would be problem with single-sided.
c) Eggbeater of some incarnation (MXR or Candy).
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  • ean
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    Double sided SPD works for me.
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  • Lagavulin
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    I've got Shimano M540's on my roadie and I don't think I'll be changing those any time soon.

    Even with my next bike, I can see me sticking with the Spesh Elite MTB shoes and Shimano SPDs.
  • RufusA
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    I'll second the M540s - got a cracking deal online and they've been fantastic on my hybrid.

    Having seen a number of commuters struggle to flip to the right side on the A series of shimano pedals on the flat, I love the freedom of knowing the clip is always where I need it.

    I've got some Shimano MT40 shoes, I've been walking a mile or so in them each day this week and they've been fine (apart from when negotiating metal edged steps).

    HTH - Rufus.
  • Double sided SPD's are far easier to clip/unclip than single sided. Re - clipping becomes an unconscious action while you are watching the road ahead instead of gazing down at your pedals and trying to flip them over to re-engage.
  • Clever Pun
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    I've got the Time ATAC and they're absolutely fine with me
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  • ajoten
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    Thanks, you've convinced me re double-sided. Now all I have to do is choose twixt M520, M540, PowerPlay Force, PowerPlay Speed, Time ATAC, Crank Bros Candy, Crank Bros Smarty, yadda yadda...
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  • My M520's have done just under 400 miles on my new road bike so far - no problems with comfort or them for £20 at JE James in Sheffield
  • irb10
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    I'm using M520's on my Spesh Sirrus, along with Nike Granfondo WR shoes (walkable road shoes for 2-hole cleats with deep tread around the edge of the shoe to stop the cleats grounding when walking). I like the M520s - they're cheap (around £20 from Chain Reaction) and do the job for me; I find the fact that they're double sided makes clipping-in a doddle (no pedal flipping required), which I find useful on stop-start commutes.
  • ash68
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    have 520's and 540's on my two bikes for the same reasons as listed before.Don't see any need to change when they do the job perfectly,they are inexpensive and reliable. :lol:
  • Aidocp
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    I'm using the M520's on the Sirrus and used A520's on the Road bike but have recently upgraded to SPD-SL's. I prefer the M520 for clipping in/ out, especially on a hill. It wasn't too much of a problem with A520's, where I'd sometimes leave the left foot out other times I'd just clip in no problem. Ive no Idea why it was so easy sometimes difficult others. I'm not sure of the SPL-SL's when I miss with them the foot slides awkwardly off the pedal, probably just need more practice.
  • blorg
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    I replaced SPD-M515s (predecessor of the M520) with PowerPlay Force and am very happy with the latter pedal, it was a big difference (far more than I expected.) Seems to hold my foot far more solidly while still allowing a degree of float. Also got Xpedo Mountain Force pedals from Chainreaction recently and also happy with these, although no float whatsoever there so not sure how well they will work with shoes (they work great with sandals.) I'm using these pedals on a road bike and commuter/tourer.
  • nolf
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    I found my M540's were pretty good, until I started to accelerate quickly out of lights, had a couple of near misses where my foot just came out.

    Not very fun!

    I would go for something that has a sturdier clip in action and is more secure.
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