Cateye Computer: Astrale 8 v Strada Cadence

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Hello Everyone,

I've a Cateye Double Wireless computer on my hybrid bike which I currently use for commuting, winter training and on the turbo trainer. However I'm going to bring the road bike indoors this winter and put the Double Wireless computer on it for use on the turbo.

As I might still use the hybrid bike for training , I'm still keen on having the cadence function, which means choosing the out of production Astrale 8 computer, or the newer Strada Cadence. My partner has an Astrale 8 on her hybrid bike, so I'm fairly familiar with it, but how does the Strada Cadence compare? As well as the unit itself, what are the speed and cadence sensors like?

Many thanks.



  • i have a strada and it pretty nice, nice and subtle, simple to use and clear to read.
    sensor is all off the one cable that splits under the bottom bracket, one each side of the chainstay.
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    I've got the Astrale 8 on the bike that is permanently affixed to my turbo trainer so I can look at cadence etc. as well as getting an idea of how far I might have pedalled in the real world etc. It is very helpful.

    On my best bike I haven't got the cadence function on the Strada that I bought, but I love the slim line looks of the unit itself - very sleek 8)

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • I have the strada cadence and it's a nice little unit. Siple to use, the button is on the back so you just press the whole unit down to cycle through the functions. Always shows speed and you cycle through the others, no swapping the main large figures to cadance a la the astrale i believe. does have one other nice feature, an arrow at the side telling you whether or not you're going faster than you're average speed, good for keeping work on those slow gradual long uphills
  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for the comments. In the end I went with the Astrale 8. As my hyrbid already has a Cordless 7 on the front wheel, it's more important that the cadence function is highly visible. As it's been noted above, the Astrale 8 allows you to have either speed or cadence in the main display.

    If I ever change the Micro Wireless on my road bike, I'd certainly go for the Strada Cadence. What would be great is a wireless cadence version at a good price though, as it's a big jump to the V2C Double Wirelss at around £70.