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havent ridden since for a year or so and now want to get fit

hey everyone hope you can help me, im 17 stone and a bit overweight and now want to slim down. The bikes ive got are fine for the job but I am wondering what kind of an exercise regime I should be working on and doing, I want to improve stamina and flatten my belly which is what lets me down, anyone have any ideas? i live close to mountain biking territory and i enjoy using free weights and doing sports like tennis and badminton too? many thanx for any help anyone can give me!


  • PagemPagem Posts: 244
    i wouldn't worry about specifics. just get out on the mtb and enjoy. set your bike up corectly first to safe guard against injury and rest/reduce lenght of ride if you're tired. concentrate on a low fat well balacned diet and i'm sure you'll be flying in a few months. all i would say is don't make it complicated at this stage. keep it simple and fun and you're more likely to stick with it. when you get fitter and perhaps a little more competitive then do some reading up on specific training.
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  • I agree with Pagem. Up until about 4 months ago i hadn't ridden seriously for about 7 years. Getting back into was hard work to start with but with a little determination you'll find your fitness comes back fairly quickly.

    Start of by working out a particular route that has a mix of everything, a few hills and bits of downhill (to catch your breath) and time yourself around the route. Keep a mental note of how long it takes and every week try to better it, but don't go out on week 2 and try and knock 10 mins of your time. Once you get used to the route it won't hold any surprises (big climbs round the next corner) so you'll be able to start reducing your circuit time.

    Once your fitness improves (your route time improves and your recovery improves) chose a longer route and do the same.

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    I'd also hook up with a local club and try and do some riding with them, more fun and riding with fitter people pushes you that bit more than you'd probably do just riding on your own.
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    Also, have a look at the "very overweight" thread. I'm in it and have now dropped to 16st 9. LOTS of inspiration if you start to find it a bit tough at times, but follow the advice already given in this thread and you'll not go far wrong.
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    Hi Ratty.

    I have been reading the "very overweight thread" all evening but i cant go past page 16. It say,s no post's exist. Is this just a problem with my browser or dose it do the same with you too? How is Dave doing now?


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    Andy, Dave has just posted his weekly update... and there's an explanation about those blank pages at the end too...


  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    Hi crockey.

    I just tried at work and it still says "no topics exist for this subject" if i try and go past 17. I think it don't like me.

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    I'm sure Dave won't mind but I've copied and pasted his explanation:

    Andyturner28 - Unfortunately Woody is right, the last two pages are blank. It is a glitch which occurred when this site took over from the previous one and is yet to be fixed. As a new page begins, so another blank page arrives! Until it is resolved, there will always be two blank pages at the end which i imagine has turned many away who have tried to navigate straight to the last page.

    Just ignore the last two pages.
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