Hydration on longer rides

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Went out on saturday and clocked an 87 miler, beautiful ride from Harrogate - Pateley Bridge - Grassington - Kettlewell - Buckden - Leyburn - Ripon nad back to Harrogate. Quite pleased actually managed it in 5 hrs 20 minutes average of 16mph. It is indeed a beautifully scenic ride, highly reccomend it.
Question is I took out two 800 ml Water bottles full of Go juce. This was not enough for me, had to stop off at 65 miles at a pub to ask them to fill one of my bottles up with water to see me home.
Is this something you chaps do on longer rides?...I cannot see how I could carry more liquid and I hate those camel back things, the weight on your back is awful. Maybe I need to plan a halfway stop to top up the bottles in future.
What sort of liquid intake should you have over a long ride to remain perfectly hydrated?


  • Perhaps you were not properly hydrated prior to your journey? That said wind and temperature are going to be big factors in sweat production.
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    I consume approx 750ml per hour (it obviously depends a little on effort & temperature).

    So would definately require a top up on a six hour ride. Just stop at a shop and buy a drink. No probs.

    For longer sportives I've been known to carry 4x 750ml. Two within frame. Two behind seat.
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    On a ride of that length I would take extra energy drink powder, either in their sachets or measured into camera film cassette containers. Then I just make up more, if I need it, as I go. For water I'll normally try to fill up free from a tap at a pub or buy water. In desperation I'll even stop at a house, if in the middle of nowhere, and ask them to fill my bottles (usually they are quite obliging) and add the powder.
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  • yep I think the carrying the powder is a good idea indeed, and I suppose it is quite easy to stop off at a shop/pub/garage and get a tap water fill up. They would have to be a right miserable lot if they wouldnt top up a sweaty cyclists water!!.
    750ml an hour sounds quite a lot actual...I think I do 800 ml for a two hour ride, I always have a couple of pints of water before I set off, so I dont start drnking until 40 mins + into a ride.
    Heat + big hills obviously increase that a little.