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I am looking for some advice so hopefully someone can help.

I have been riding off road for the last few years but I am now looking to get a road bike. As I am used to the more upright set up of an off road bike I am looking for something that will give me a more upright position than an out and out race bike. I am lucky that I have between £1500 to £2000 to spend so I am looking for a quality bike. So far I have been recommended the Scott CR1 Pro, Cannondale Synapse Carbon SL Ultra and the Specialixed Roubaix, all 2008 bikes with a triple.

Would any of these fit the bill?



  • The Cannondale Synapse and Specialized Roubaix both fit your bill for upright geometry and price. There are plenty others as well. Trek Pilot series, Bianchi C2C series, Giant SCR series to name another few. All these bikes have full carbon options. There's lots of choice around and your problem will be deciding which one for you.
    Try them out if you can.
    I've got a synapse and can recommend it thoroughly. I never got the chance to try the other bikes i've mentioned so i can't offer a comparison but i'm sure that in the £1.5 to £2K bracket they are all great bikes.

    Good luck.
  • I bought a specialized s-works roubaix - it was last years model and down from £3600 to £2150! if you are not fussed about the latest model then buying last or the year before model can save more than buying secondhand. The roubaix is quite high at the front and excellent for slightly more head up cruising but also offers a comfortable lower - in the drops position for cutting the air. I'm really pleased with it - there are lower specced models at keener prices but with the same geomety.
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    Glad to see someone with the sence to buy a triple rather than the latest fad (compact)

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  • Thanks for all the advice, I am hoping to try the Cannondale Synapse and Specialized Roubaix this weekend. As no one commented on the Scott CR1 do I take it that it wouldn't give me what I am looking for. It just looked a great bike.

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    Richard, don't discount the Scott. I've had one for a year and it's brilliant. Very, very light bike.
  • Personally I would consider the Scott more of a race bike so not what you are after according to your OP. That said it's a fantastic bike and as others have said you should be able to get £500-£1000 off last year's models.
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  • The Scott does seem to look more of a race type bike, I explained to the guy in the shop on Saturday what I was looking for and after much discussion he brought out the 08 CR1 Pro, still in the box and put it together for me. I sat on it and told him that I wanted the bars to be closer and with more rise. The existing bars were 120 with zero height, he suggested that I put on a 90 length stem with a 10 degree rise (Thomson I think).

    I really liked the look of the Scott and it was my first choice so would putting the shorter stem with a higher rise seriously affect the handling etc. My second choice will be the Synapse SL.

    Also, I am thinking about joining a club but I am unsure of what fitness level I should be. The last thing I want to do is ruin a ride with a bunch of guys who are a lot fitter.

    What would a decent time be for a 25 or 50 ride?

  • I bought the Scott CR1 Pro as my one and only road bike (mtb previously) a year ago. It too had the 120mm Richey stem. It didn't take long to get used to the new riding position TBH, and since then I've actually removed one of the risers/spacers to actually lower the bars. The stretched out position is actually very comfortable but if I want a more upright position I can still sit up and ride on the bars not the hoods.

    I joined a club in earlier this year after going out on a couple of their winter rides. I struggled the first few rides but they are a good bunch and we re-grouped after hills and no-one was left to get home alone. Simply by riding with a group spurs you on though and since then as the pace has quickened over the 'summer' months, so I've found myself going faster and staying with them. Your time for a solo ride is almost immaterial if you are in a bunch though. I'm not convinced about some of the average speeds quoted around here but from what I've learned it seems that most 'fast' clubs rides are averaging 18-20mph (not counting training rides or chaingangs), with many opting for a more sedate 16-17mph. Only you will know whether these speeds are within your fitness grasp at present but I wholly recommend joining a club it's great fun.
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  • I looked at the Synapse at the weekend and didn't feel comfortable. This leaves me with the Scott CR1 Pro, well thats what I thought until I saw the new Trek Madone 5.1 and 5.2 performance models. It was very comfortable and felt great.

    Anyone got any opinions on the new Madone versus the Scott CR1 Pro?
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    i got the giant scr 2.0 for my first road bike and i found it really eay to adjust to......just gear change is confussing but tats because i had shift gears before but its cheap ish and amazing