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Help please...

Denny69Denny69 Posts: 206
Hello everybody...a bit of advice if you will please...

After having 2 years out of the saddle I decided (that is my Dr told me to lose weight) that it was time to jump back in the saddle.

I'm wanting some advice on the kind of fitness level/training I will need to enter an XC event, not competitively, just for fun.

My current fitness level is that of a 3 toed sloth although I've done a few 14+ mile rides with ease (they were mostly flat cycle paths with a few hills). What sort of thing should I be looking at doing and how frequent?

My weight is a BIG problem though as I weigh a little bit north of 20st (you wouldn't think it as I'm 6ft 2") what sort of diet do I need to?

Any advice accepted, any fat jokes will be laughed at!!!! :lol:
Heaven kicked me out and Hell was too afraid I'd take over!!!

Fighting back since 1975!!

Happy riding



  • Hi denny
    I think giving advice on fitness through a forum is hard as in anything you will need a fitness plan and with that fitness plan you will have to look at your lifestyle/nutrition/time.
    Do you have a family?
    Do you smoke?
    Have you any injuries new or old?
    There are plenty of issues to get sorted before you even step outside.
    I would see a doctor and get a full M.o.t.They can then put you forward to see a nutritionist ete.
    Think about some cross training(walking/running) and body conditioning(weight training) to go with your cycling but the most important thing of any form of training/sport is to enjoy it :D.
    Don't force anything and take it one step at a time,put realistic goals into your program and stick to it.The winter month's are closing in and it is an excuse for some people to curl up and die :wink:.Just picture yourself next summer blasting down and around the trails with a big smile on your face.It's no dream that will be you :D
    Half the battle of getting fit is mentally motivating yourself to follow your fitness plan and getting up and out of the house rain or shine.You can be given all the tip's and advice the world has to offer but it is up to you to do it.
    Good luck :D
    Ride with a smile.
  • Denny69Denny69 Posts: 206
    Cheers for that DJ.....will book my self in for an M.O.T straight away and see what happens (probably a writeoff!!!!).

    Don't smoke
    Have got a 9 month old son
    No injuries (that I'm aware of)
    Heaven kicked me out and Hell was too afraid I'd take over!!!

    Fighting back since 1975!!

    Happy riding

  • Set yourself 1/2 an hour or so and read the sticky thread at the top of this forum... Some good motivation is within those pages.

    Good luck
  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    Totally agree with wat the others said. It's just a matter of forcing yourself to go out whatever the weather, or reguardless of wheather your bike is still in the shop and you don't want to use an antient old Giant Boulder, as i was just thinking untill i started reading this thread :roll:

    I started riding again properly in about April this year with the intention of loosing a lot of weight. I started off slowely doing 10 mile loops in the woods 3 times a week and eating healthily, and i am now doing more than 20miles at least 5 times a week, and have now lost over 3 stone. I have also become totally addicted to mountain bikeing, and have spent nearely 2k on bike upgrades so far :shock: I worked it out for the first time last week replying to another thread on here and couldn't beleave it!

    Also eat lots of fruit, veg and fish, and try to stay away from white bread and anything with lot's of saturated fats, and generally eat more healthily. Apart from when we go out for a meal 2 or 3 times a month, i don't eat any sweets, cakes or any other crappy foods any more, and i feel 3 times better than the begginning of the year.

    Good luck and hope it goes as well for you as it has gone for me.

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