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Advice or guide required for Frame Respray

Chaggy78Chaggy78 Posts: 28
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I'm currently working on my mountain bike, I have a nice frame but its pretty scratched and chipped in places. I want to respray it myself but really need some advice on how to do this properly! The frame is currently red and I want to spray it Gloss Black. I have read some basic guides on how to do this but it doe'nt say which type of paint to use. Will I have to sand it down to bare metal and then prime it first?
I want to do this myself as I can't afford to pay to get it done professionally.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    look in the tech links sticky!
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  • Think I may try and get it resprayed professionally after all! I want it to look nice and I will prob mess it up! If anyone can respray around St Ives area please contact me.
  • just an 'idea'

    I know you said you couldn't afford a pro job but I reckon its worth considering
  • By the time you have bought:
    Paint stripper
    Sand paper / wet and dry
    you won't be far off this price, never mind the hours that it will take you.

    And, powder coating will last a damm sight longer than an amateur rattle can job!

    I read somewhere (might not be on this forum) of someone who found a paint shop in the yellow pages and got their frame bead blasted and powder coated for around £40 - take a look in your local area.

    Also remember that you need to factor in the cost of having your BB and headtube faced after painting, but you would likely have to do this after your amateur job.
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