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Morocco - Best time to go?

jc4labjc4lab Posts: 1,055
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When is the best time of year to visit Morocco please?The cycling hoildays company's seem to go October to March but is not Spring time which I thougfh may be better(for Mountain Flowers etc)..I hope to go to Marakesh,Todra Gorge and Draa Vallety area more than the High Atlas.Has anyone ever been?..Thanks


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    I was there at the end of March/beginning of April this year. Its a good time to go as the rains have mostly ended, but its not too hot yet. Going during the rains would be a bad idea. The Atlas are prone to flash flooding after even an hour or two of heavy rain and one could easily end up trapped on the road between flooded rivers. On one occasion after only an hour of rain I couldn't get from one side of a village to the other to get to a guest house as a raging torrent had split the village in two. The only down side to going in March/April is that there are a LOT of tourists around and consequently a LOT of traffic (mostly camper vans) in the Gorges.
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  • On this note, if you plan to wild camp in Morocco, it would not be a good idea to camp in dry river beds, tempting though that can be. If it rains, even away from where you are, you could find yourself tenting in a river that has come to life overnight!
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  • Been walking in the High Atlas in November, it was fine. Hot in the sun, a bit cold out of it, so you need adaptable clothing, I found my layered cycle clothing effective.
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  • I was there in the spring a few years back and it was really cold! During the day, sun was out, but the wind was coming from cold continental Europe. So I guess be prepared. I was on the motrorbike and wore my waterproofs all the time to keep that wind out.

    Also take some immodium with you....... :shock:
  • pqpq Posts: 27
    I went in April and the weather was perfect.
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