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Lancashire Valley Loop Cycle

davelakersdavelakers Posts: 762

Anybody from the North West joining us on this ride?

It looks like an interesting route with a couple of nice hills thrown in.


  • worswors Posts: 90
    When is it?
  • 30/9/07
  • stephecstephec Posts: 795
    I did the 45 miler last year, just be prepared for plenty of uphill bits, but the views make up for it. The roads are mainly minor country roads and you hardly see any cars, so on the downhills it's easy to use the whole road if you want to get up to 45-50mph.

    The organisaion and signposting was pretty good too. Everyone was supplied with a map (which I didn't need to look at once) and an emergency phone number, marshals were out in the wilds as well to keep you on the right route.

    Energy gels were freely available at the start last year, and a cake and drink stop about half way round was very nice too.
  • Im really looking forward to this ride.

    I just hope the weather is OK. Its not the type of terrain I would like to be around when the weather is shite!!!
  • thats 1 of the worst map dl's iv seen..but then i dont get out much.
    N e1 got beeter start / route details ie google map or garmin?
    Good Luck and Be Fecund
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