squeaky brakes!

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Hi all, after some advice please!

My brakes started squeaking a few weeks ago on my road bike, and being a second hand bike and well ridden, i thought that a change of brakes would solve the problem.... not so! so then I've tried cleaning the rims to get any excess dirt off but they still continue to squeak. I've had a look elsewhere on the net and I'm still firing blanks.

Just wondering if anyone else could share some tips on this, what I pressume, common problem. :oops:

thanks in advance


  • don't clean the rims. let them get a little bit of... dusty dirt on them. because its the clean clean rims and brake pads causing the squeaking. after a while of use it will stop. just imagine what happens if u say... take a finger and rub a clean shiny table. it does a squeaking sound sometimes..
    this is my tip, try it, because my new bike did this, but after about... 1 long ride (90miles) its stopped throughout the duration of the ride.
    besides... some might say making a squeaky noise aint all that bad, because then everyone hears u slowing down, acts like a horn on a car '''get out of my way i'm stopping because you crossed the road in front of me!)
  • your calipers could be worn and causing the squeak becauso of the play in them during breaking do they move forward when u break/
    i see dumb people
    usually in front of me
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    If you want a slowing down noise just get some campag hubs. I can make small children cry by accelerating up behind them and then freewheeling suddenly xD
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  • Hello mate, its all about how the blocks contact the rims. If they are set so the block contacts flush with the rim they oscillate and then squeal. set them so they are offset (trailing edge contacts first) and then no squeal.