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Anybody know where the FR and DH is at Thetford?

milkywhitemilkywhite Posts: 534
edited September 2007 in Routes
anybody got any idea where the Thetford DH &FR areas are, and how to get there?


  • DH in Thetford, are you taking the mick??

    We have some plans in the pipeline for a skills area, and will be opening a new section of trail soon to the public. ... UNDAY26807

    If you're interested in lending a hand with the trails then see below...
  • I know, but someone else mentioned it so I thought I'd ask. I couldn't exactly see where it was gonna be, given the lack of elevation.

    Is the new stuff an addition to the existing black route, or an entirely new trail? It looks good from the video...a lot faster than what there is now.

    What's happening with the black route at the moment? It's getting pretty cut up in places and the drainage doesn't seem too good.
  • It's a new trail, well part of a section of a new trail, we are hoping to open it on the start day of the dusk till dawn race.

    The black route is going to be in need of some repair, especially as the dusk till dawn race is going through sections of it.
    Once we have the new trail open we will look at the black route as it needs a lot of work and obstacles to make it a proper Black route, but it will take some time as we are not a big group of workers yet!

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