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KittyKitty Posts: 2,844
edited October 2007 in Women
Can anyone suggest ones that are actually decent for riding?

I've been looking on wiggle but there's so many lol


  • I like shock absorber for running and cycling.
  • yep shock absorbers are by far the best. plus you get the choice to fit your size and activity!
  • Another vote for Shock Absorvers! I tried a few before I found them and they're by far the best IMHO.
  • Yep, Shock Absorbers are amazing! And I think they look really nice too. I got mine from useful site and good selection to choose from!
  • HJ1976HJ1976 Posts: 205
    Shock Absorber from the gossard shop at Castleford - not too sexy as it is nose-bag sized but nice styling, colours and seems to keep the blighters under contol!
  • For Shock Absorbers get yourself down the local TK Maxx, I've always got mine from there for about £7, plus they have random colours like purple and yellow which is so much more exciting than white :)
  • Do they do them in random sizes as well Maddie??
  • There's a few eBay shops that do new Shockabsorbers as well, just had one arrive in the post today (£12 including postage), complete with tags and Shockabsorber coathanger!
  • mudfacemudface Posts: 1,733
    Yep I've got a number of shockabsorber bras. Picked them up for between £3 and £5 each in TK Maxx. Bargaintastic!
  • Shockabsorbers are my saviour, and far more effective than any other brand I've tried. I started out running before biking - if you can run past some builders without a 'careful luv, youll get a black eye' comment, you know its working! :lol:
  • MaddieMaddie Posts: 30
    Yep, random sizes including very small for those of us who are neglected by other manufacturers.... We still need them! :oops:
  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    Maddie wrote:
    Yep, random sizes including very small for those of us who are neglected by other manufacturers.... We still need them! :oops:

    I never thought about that. I am the opposite end of the scale and always grump about not having nice bras available to buy - I think I have more shock absorbers than other types of bra in my collection.

    I'll be making a trip to TK Maxx when I'm back in the UK.
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,336
    Might go and see how many odd looks I get if I and start rooting around for shock absorber bras tomorrow (I'm Kitty's boyfriend, before anyone asks).
  • Let us know how you get on, there's nothing better than slightly furtive looking menfolk shifting around the underwear department! :lol:
  • Hi Ladies!

    I'm in the States, and new here. But this is a subject I really am glad to see. But, how does US bra sizing compare to UK sizing? I'm a bit on the endowed side. Well, OK, very much on the endowed side! And at least over here, you can only get good things if you are a toothpick with a couple of pimples if you get my drift. For example Pearl Izumi--thier size large is about a 10 in US sizes! I also apologize in advance for any glitches in phrasing--not only do I speak American english instead of British english, but I do it with a southern accent tempered with a Texas pride! But I'm glad to have found a forum where people are more interested in helping each other instead of trying to prove the world is full of idiots.

    Best wishes from this side of the pond! :D
  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    Hi Valerie

    Welcome to the forum.
    I am in the same boat as you and I only get bras from a specific shop here in the UK. I can't even get them in Marks and Spencer any more.
    I know what you mean about Pearl Izumi stuff. I am sure there are lots of people who like getting out on their bikes but aren't built like stick insects.
    Enough of that now, enjoy the forum.

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